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by Tip Jar

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    Onward is the fourth album of Tip Jar, and the third one that was released on vinyl. It was recorded in Austin Texas and produced by Walt Wilkins. (12" 180 grams vinyl)

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    Onward is Tip Jar's fourth album. The beautiful 6 panel digipack and booklet was designed by Leon Lenders at Das Buro, Rotterdam. The booklet has all the song lyrics in it, including some more pictures by photographer Mark Engelen.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Onward via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Feed the fire You’re a serious talker and a careless dancer A question mark and the only answer The best girlfriend and a crazy mama A pretty fine dame full of joy and drama, at the same time You’re a sweet caretaker and a lazy sleeper A pain in the neck but an real peacekeeper Not a bad cook and a junk food lover Ahead of the game playing under cover At the same time You’re a mountain rose and a flat land tulip A sweet lemonade and a cool mint julep A mind full of love and a furious fighter You can stop the flame and be my lighter, at the same time You and me hanging on a wire Trying to keep our hearts on fire Come on baby, give another push We’ll be crawling out of the bush You and me hanging on a wire Feed the fire, feed the fire You’re what I need and what I can’t miss I guess it won’t get any better than this The way to go is to never stop And aim for the sun behind a raindrop, at the same time
Keep on rolling I am tired from crying over good souls leaving town And everybody keeps on smiling while walls are tumbling down Change might be the answer when you’re looking for a clue You gotta know that every time I try I end up close to you Ooh, it’s not enough even with everlasting love right beside me Ooh, it’s not enough, I though that everlasting love Would always guide me, guide me Freight trains keep on rolling straight into the night They keep on rolling rolling rolling to the light Tell me where we’re going, the end is out of sight The trail is glowing glowing glowing, hold on tight I’m gonna find you - hold on tight Keep on keep on rolling – and hold on tight
One by one 04:55
One by one Maybe it’s the promise we all long for The truth of any generation’s dream Streaming like a river flow we can’t stop the way we go Like love, like a storm, like a flower The universal rules we have to follow Do they always show us what we need We lose our grip and we grow while we slip and take a blow Just breathe and feel the power One by one they fly away and I can’t keep from living All at once a brand-new day but I will keep on giving What else can you do Pictures of the past can’t tell what’s coming But they might show the roots we hold on to Frozen time telling you that we belong where love is true Like rain it comes in showers Walking strong on shaky ground and I can’t keep from crying Hear the song, a brand new sound and I can’t keep from trying What else can you do
At the dance 04:31
At the dance It’s the look in his eyes when she turns and smiles As if all the years don’t count A face full of joy, gazing like a boy She’s still the treasure he just found He only sees the girl with the freckles and curls Again, like then, he’s in a trance Everything’s better since the first time he met her at the dance Life can change through a dance Take a breath and give it a chance You might be in for a sweet surprise If you open your eyes at the dance He shot for the moon on a Sunday afternoon She fell for his innocent charms Maybe not the perfect frame but his eyes lit a flame And she simply felt safe in his arms A boy and a girl, floating on a cloud Too shy to take a glance Waiting for the bliss of their first kiss at the dance They got married in the fall, life seemed like a ball It all went so easy from the start Two girls and a boy, their happy pride and joy Playing like puppies in the yard But every now and then, when the sun doesn’t shine And the worries of life fill the manse They long for the days waltzing in a haze at the dance The prettiest drives you’ve ever seen Are the backroads to love in Fisher and Gruene
Back to the barracks You promised me, you promised me love would be easy Oh so easy to let it show Now you see me stealing around like a stranger Trying to whisper, I love you so You promised me, you promised me our love would be precious Love so precious, every way we’d go You promised they would never think of putting us down Look at us now, I guess you never know Back to the barracks, hide and seek Once we didn’t dare to dream or speak Back to the days we left behind in our minds, only in our minds With time on our hands, life is so easy Life is easy, with days to spare Remember the endless summer nights of passion Don’t tell mama, cause she might care The night is sweet and happy, we’re safe in the twilight We used to be strong enough to share We faced the careless crowd that we are part of At times we felt like the perfect pair
Blessing of a song Lift you up and never let go Cause when you’re alone you’re always on the run Lift you up, it missed you by a toe And you didn’t know, just laughing in the sun Love is good, love is strong Once you know where you belong It can turn in many ways going right or going wrong Just grace it with the blessing of a song Keep me up, I can never let go Cause when I’m alone I see the slips I made Keep me up, my heart’s about to overflow Where ever I go, the memories never fade Your eyes, your smile All the laughs we shared Your tears, your fears I will always try to be there
Sleepless nights (for Rinus) Sleepless nights, no reason Sleepless nights, no reason Dreams come true but always end, always end Dreams always end Easy life, no sorrow Easy life, no sorrow You live a dream and lose a friend, lose a friend Dreams always end Maybe it lasts when we keep trying, trying Leave the past, see how we’re flying, flying Let it last, flying, flying Sleepless night forever Silent fight forever Close your eyes and dream the day, dream the day And try to drift away
Wait for me 04:10
Wait for me I know life is going fast And I don’t always want to be last God knows I’m trying to catch up But the world is spinning around like crazy Makes you feel guilty and lazy I’m going strong while it overfills my cup Wait for me, wait for me, I’m hanging on Wait for me, I’ll tag along if you let me, if you just let me Can you tell me why it is a crime To hang around and spill some time I just seem to have that kind of brain I hear and forget at the same speed And remember stuff I don’t need I never even bother to explain I can’t offer you much more than All the dreams that I adore and Everything that I’m living for Wait for me, I’ll tag along if you let me You always see more than one way Like the different sides of seize the day The bigger picture’s clear inside your head It’s the one trick pony mind I own The only thing I’ve ever known While you make me see the road you never had
The woman I am Just say goodbye to the clouds in your mind Every little worry you can leave it all behind Love is strong, that’s what they say And I’m gonna make it happen We’ll take the trouble day by day I can’t forever be your girl but you are always on my mind And everytime you think of me I’ll be dancing till the end of time I can’t forever be your girl, I am the woman I am And when you keep sticking around you can be my man Look my way and tell me no lie You can’t think away the truth, time will always fly Nothing’s lost, nothing’s new I’ll hang on to you baby Just teach me what you want me to do Keep sticking around - I am the woman I am
Here again 04:18
Here again They laughed and danced, sometimes cried On the stand he never lied A thousand times after five He sang and played all his life Getting old, days are slow The car is sold, nowhere to go Plays his chords, never hears a thing It drives him mad when he tries to sing But when he dreams he can hear again He sees the crowd and hears again Sings out loud and hears again, he’s here again He seems to live a second life Hangs around, loves his wife She drifts away inside her head He hopes she’s fine and goes to bed Asleep he’s more alive than when he’s awake Sees every place, the roads he used to take And he hears again, he hears again He hears again, he’s here again
All I need 03:52
All I need Every step I take following the star I see the horizon from afar Can I hold out alone We keep on going strong to the place I call my home I see pictures of the past, faded colors, monochrome Hold my hand, don’t let go You are all I need, you are all I need, you are all I need today No matter what you read or what you think you see A reflection of somebody else’s insecurity We are strong, it won’t be long, we are strong This is what it takes, every sacrifice we make Part of the journey to a promised land And the faster we might go, it still is good to know We will never find the far end of a rainbow
Another Dublin blues I wish you could have seen us, laughing in the night Austin flavors pouring from a stage without a light I missed you here in Dublin with all the ones you love And I’m thinking this hurdle town would fit you like a glove I’m not alone at all but slightly incomplete I won’t let it put me down But good times don’t roll the same when you are not in town Good times don’t roll the same when you are not in town You should have seen them fighting about nothing at all Like schoolboys with an attitude trying to stand tall We traveled for the music and learned the truth so fast Fairy tales of wonder hardly ever last Next time I’ll show you every place we strolled along Next time you’ll see another town full of song, full of song


Tip Jar is the band of Bart de Win and Arianne Knegt, involving their various musical friends from all over the world. Songs about love and life. Americana on the hippie side of country, with influences of pop and jazz.

Struggling against the tides we keep on believing, loving and creating. There is always a new freight train around the bend. And it will keep on rolling. Onward. Always.


released November 30, 2018

'Keep on rolling', 'The woman I am' and 'Another Dublin blues' were written by Arianne Knegt and Bart de Win.
All other songs were written by Bart de Win.
Produced by Walt Wilkins, Ron Flynt & Tip Jar Recorded by Ron Flynt at the Jumping Dog Studio, Austin, Texas
Mixed by Pat Manske at The Zone, Dripping Springs, Texas
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering, Amsterdam Photography by Mark Engelen, Rotterdam
Artwork by Leon Lenders for Das Buro, Rotterdam



all rights reserved



Tip Jar The Netherlands

Bart de Win and Arianne Knegt create songs about love and life on the hippie side of country, involving their musical friends from all over the world. They record them in a pure and honest manner, always letting the essence and character of the song prevail. The USA-Netherlands connection is vividly present, both in the choice of the musicians they work with and the overall americana atmosphere. ... more

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